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Battle Heroes is Sensational

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The newest video game by Montreal’s Ubisoft, Battle Heroes, is at the top of the free games app list offered through Apple’s iStore. The simple interface, tough heroes, and multiplayer functions make this game an easy game to enjoy.


Players get to build a city with a stronghold, barracks, farms and mines. Then, they can take their army and try to complete single player missions or battle other multiplayer opponents.


Players train their armies at the barracks. Initial warriors and archers are available to build, however, over time you can unlock other units, such as mages.

There’s a reward system in place to allow players to improve their cities.


Building your city into an impenetrable fortress can be very enjoyable. When other multiplayers attack and are unable to destroy all your buildings it’s a success.


Even the heroes are upgradable. You start off with a fire mage, Sunna, a hero with a long-range attack. However, as you go through the missions you unlock Hodur, a tough rock-like creature with a melee attack.


Compared to other games in the strategy genre the simple play makes the game enjoyable from the start. However, play-time might be limited in the long-term by the lack of variety or any serious challenge.


Please leave comments below. Who is your favorite hero in Battle Heroes? What strategies do you use to defend your base?


One thought on “Battle Heroes is Sensational

  1. Cool game!


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