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Humanity will perish by Nemesis Death Star

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For those who enjoy living on planet earth, there is one mystery science has yet to answer. Looking at the scientific data on extinctions, scientists have noticed a pattern. Extinction events happen once every 26 million years.

Nemesis is a hypothetical red dwarf star used by some astrophysicists to explain the pattern of extinction. If a large mass orbiting the sun at a rate where it comes around once every 27 million years, it would create disturbances in the asteroid belts and lead to an increase in comet collisions with Earth. Since scientists agree that the Triassic-Jurasic extinction event must have occured through asteroid collisions, it’s plausible that a large red dwarf, Nemesis, is orbiting around the sun and causing mass-extinctions.

Every mass-extinction caused a decrease in 10-60% of the species.

However, nowadays many leading experts believe that the existance of a red dwarf, like Nemesis, in our solar system is impossible. NASA’s telescopes are powerful enough to detect red-dwarf stars. So, if NASA has not found Nemesis yet, it’s unlikely to exist.

Nemesis Death Star

Does Nemesis cause destruction throughout the universe? Some scientists are still on the hunt for Nemesis, the sun’s evil twin.

Nemsis is a dark, still undiscovered star orbiting our solar system. The disturbance caused by Nemesis would cause comets to hit Earth.

65 million years ago, dinosaurs went extinct because of comets hiting the earth.

If Nemesis did not cause the extinction of dinosaurs, perhaps they would still be roaming the Earth. Therefore, there would be no room for humans to survive. This set the stage for human evolution.

Extinctions occur over and over.

However, there is absolutely no proof for the existance of Nemesis. Scientists might as well blame Santa Claus for the mass-extinctions because it would make just as much sense and it would have just as much proof.



One thought on “Humanity will perish by Nemesis Death Star

  1. That’s scary!


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