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Twerking has Gone Mainstream: Twerking Choreographies


Twerking is not new. It used to be called “shake that ass”. Although, I do appreciate the new word for the dance move. Somehow, twerking is much more accepted by society than simply “shaking that ass”, even if it amounts to the same thing.

Now a group in Russia called Fraules has taken twerking to an entire new level, creating wonderful dance choreographies centered upon twerking. Have a look for yourself:

Fraules actually provides twerking a lot of credibility. It adds moves to the twerking genre for one. They have also proved that an entire dance routine can be centered upon twerking and still be interesting.

Group leader Elena Yatkina is a true beauty and savvy marketer.

Elena Yatkina

In May, the group held a huge event, including twerking dance lessons, fashion show and a twerk-off competition. See video:

Twerking classes are also available in North America. You can buy twerking fitness DVDs or online videos. Dance to get in shape they offer.

The word “twerking” has been around for over 20 years. Since the 2000’s users have been sharing twerking videos online. The term received a major popularity boost from Miley Cirus. In 2013, it was the runner-up for the word of the year by Oxford dictionary.



4 thoughts on “Twerking has Gone Mainstream: Twerking Choreographies

  1. I love the way these girls dance!


  2. I’m glad that you enjoyed the video Kevin.


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