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Discovering Yoshitaro Nomura through the Bradford International Film Festival

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I have been programming films here for eight years, and have often wondered about the affects that programming certain films can have on film culture and how film canons can change over time. As part of this year’s Bradford International Film Festival I decided to programme some old films by a director who is completely unknown in the UK, and to then see how the films were discussed by audiences and critics.

The subject I chose was the Japanese studio director Yoshitaro Nomura. I selected five of Nomura’s films and wrote about them in the contexts of Japanese society and Japan’s film industry.  Following the programme, which played at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, I was asked by the special interest publisher The Raconteur to write on Nomura’s films for a general, culturally interested readership. The Raconteur’s editors asked for an article that spoke about the ways the director used commercial cinema…

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