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Phillip Istomin | Photographer of the Week

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Incredible photographs by Philip Istomin. My favorite is the girl with the milk jug.

Photofocus (old site)


Philip Istomin describes his work as “anything but ordinary,” and I’m hard pressed to disagree. His unusual fashion photography is somewhat unsettling in the best possible way- you just can’t look away, mesmerized by the worlds he creates in his photos. Philip calls his work “Manicproject” and he takes a creative approach to every project, as well as his desire to produce something unique and out of the ordinary. That desire is what sets him apart from the other photographers in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. “I would describe my style as fashion-forward, intentional, cinematic, and conceptual,” he told me. “I’m influence by so many great photographers so I can’t say that I have a defining style, but many people have told me that they can always spot my work out of all the stuff out there, which is a great compliment.”

Philip has a history in design and visual…

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