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Anime: A Love/Hate Story

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A new sailor moon.


sailor-moon-crystal The Sailor Scout Gods (which I guess are just the Roman gods right?) have finally heard my prayers — Sailor Moon is back! A new anime adaptation of the Sailor Moon manga, Sailor Moon Crystal, debuted July 5 online — available for English audiences on Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Neon Alley. The return of the Queen of the Magical Girl trope — at least the most recognizable Magical Girl for American audiences — has me thinking about my on-and-off relationship with anime. For the purposes of this post, by anime, I mean anime TV series — episodic Japanese animated shows as opposed to films.

For most of my elementary days, my after school ritual was pretty much set into stone — Pokemon at 3, Card Captors at 3:30 (until it was replaced by the inferior Yu Gi Oh which I still begrudgingly watched), Sailor Moon at 4, Dragonball Z at…

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