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Russian Dance Team Rakataka Twerking

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A war of words is happening between the various dance genres. Some ballet and traditional dancers feel that twerking is more suitable for strip clubs than it is for theatres. However, with the quality of choreographies coming out, some dancers beg to differ. One thing is for sure, twerking is definitely provacative.

Yesterday, we wrote about the Russian Fraules Dance Team and how wonderful their twerking choreography was. Well today, we’ll talk about one of their greatest competitors the Russian Rakataka dance team. Rakataka put out this video:

Wouldn’t a dance-off between Rakataka and Fraules be something worth seeing? You can tell that both teams put lots of thought into their choreographies and videos.

russia two1

Dancing this provacatively should be illegal. What are your thoughts? Is twerking as legitimate a form a dance as ballet or contermporary dance? Do you twerk?

Russia twoAll this videos of russians twerking makes me want to move to the cold desolate country. Too bad there is are crazy war going on between Russian and the Ukraine. What’s with that anyways? Shouldn’t we all be friends?

If you find any other twerking videos that are worth uploading to the McKinley post, please let me know in the comments section. I would love to check it out.



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