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3 huge life lessons I learnt by going on a holiday with my ex!

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Your brave.

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I have come from a very stubborn outlook on life – I think my family and friends describe me without a doubt as a ‘Black & White’ kinda person, there is definitely no grey area or anything in between. You either like something or you don’t. You either will do something or you won’t. You either want it or you don’t!

I was hard on other people’s choices and also hard on my own. Although I changed my mind a lot (and very often) I still had to fight myself each time when I did it consciously. This caused my body stress mentally and physically. Feelings of self worth would diminish, my head would get cloudy, my family & friends would suffer from my erratic thoughts and acne would prevail. The latter a lovely family trait of stress!

When I broke up with my Ex there was a freshly paid…

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