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5k Run Training Plan For Triathlon

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Solid 5 km plan.


English: ROTA, Spain (Nov. 22, 2008) A Spanish... English: ROTA, Spain (Nov. 22, 2008) A Spanish participant completes the first five kilometers of the 10-kilometer foot race during Naval Station Rota’s Morale Welfare and Recreations duathlon. More than 40 men, women and one child participated in this event. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Paul Cage/Released) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The improving 5k runner will improve quickly. It’s a doddle. Try harder, try more and you improve month on month.

Throw in a bike for duathlon training and the improvement in run times slows.

Throw in the swim and suddenly there are not enough hours in most people’s week. You find you are lucky to be able to get in 3 quality sessions for each sport. and on 3 sessions a week for running, often when fatigued, improvement suddenly stops.

The 5k runner has plateaud. At least in their run.

Or at least that’s how it…

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