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Horrifying stick attack mars international girls hockey tourney

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Now that’s a low blow!

USA TODAY High School Sports

Well, this is terrifying.

At the recent World Selects Invitational hockey tournament, held in Budapest, American powerhouse squad West Coast Selects faced off against the Russian squad Spartak Moscow. With West Coast Selects putting in a dominant performance, the game started to get chippy.

That’s when the highlight — or perhaps lowlight — that you see above unfolded.

The Spartak player unleashing that hellacious stick swing is named Svetlana Starovoytova (ed. note: of course she has a Rocky & Bullwinkle quality evildoer name), and she deserves more than just a simple boot from the game (which she got) for this slash. At the very least, she deserves a suspension and a good, long, two-week timeout to think about what she has done.

Starovoytova completely broke her stick against the back of the head of American Hannah Bates. The brutal penalty was the capper on a rather remarkable run of violations…

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