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Pilates Makes Me Feel Alive

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Triumph and Charm

Do you ever wake up and feel as though your mind is disconnected from your body? That you just sort of…float through the actions, and every task seems mundane? Well, I’ve felt like that a lot lately.

The other day, I just felt so lost. I needed something to reconnect my body and my mind. And I tried dancing, I tried walking, I tried singing- but nothing could do it. Until I pulled out my yoga mat. 

Pilates focuses on drawing strength from your core, and utilizing that strength to push you through moves that make you aware of every muscle and interaction that takes place in your body. Pilates before, made me lose 50 pounds, made me happier over all, and made me more confident and outgoing in my passions. 

photo Cassey inspired me to make this, oops

So, I decided to try it again. I am doing the Beginner’s…

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