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Psicobloc Masters Underway in Utah

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This crazy climbing event is underway. We could even call it Psychotic.


The event features rockclimbing. However, instead of being roped in athletes plummet into a pool of water if they drop off the wall.

Sixteen athletes in both the men’s and women’s categories face-off in a 4 round knock-out series. Two climbers go head-to-head and the climber that makes it to the top first wins and goes onto the next round. However, not everyone makes it to the top. In an effort to move quickly up the wall, some athletes slip and fall off the wall.

The men’s and women’s course share some similarities but are not identical. The men’s course is slightly more challenging that the women’s course.

The event is an invitational meaning that only the best climbers in the world can compete.

Claire Buhrfeind won the women’s competition. “I just ignore the water and the fall and I just focus on my climbing,” says Buhrfeind. “All the women are so strong and it’s just great to compete.” Buhrfeind won a few moves ahead of Delaney Miller before both competitors jumped off the wall together.

The event is sponsored by Cliff Bar, an energy bar created by a climber that has become popular across the sporting world.



One thought on “Psicobloc Masters Underway in Utah

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