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What You “Do” Does Not Define Who You Are

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Temporary Escape

It is utterly too common. And as a hater of small talk, it makes me cringe every time. It is normally one of the first questions out of someone’s mouth when I meet them. “So, what do you do?” As if my job title defines me. What do I do? Well, I like to paint (although I’m not that good at it), conduct as much research as I can about elephants (they’re fascinating animals). I like taking my dog for a run, getting lost in a good book and I just finished a month-long backpacking trip through Europe. Currently, I also wait tables, but that is only a small part of what I “do.”


Sure, it is not the most glamorous job. My tables often ask me if I am in school, almost like it is unacceptable to waitress with a degree. My hourly pay is below minimum wage, I…

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