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Work Smarter, Not Harder: Are Smartphones Really Journalists’ Best Friends?

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Steph Shantai Writes

Yes, they are. And Fritz Klug, multimedia journalist at m, seems to think so, according to a recent seminar at MSU that he spoke at.

Our phone notifications keep us updated on worldly events within moments of something happening, and for that we can thank the rising popularity of smartphones for bringing the action straight to us.

The smartphone is causing a “huge shift in Journalism,” according to Klug, due to their ability to not only make phone calls, but take and edit photos, videos, and audio recordings, type articles, promote business, and upload news to multiple social media sites all at once.

Is this what journalism needs to survive in this “have-to-have-it-now” world?

The advantages of using smartphones as journalistic tools are plentiful, with perhaps the most obvious being the fact that these devices enable one to publish news in real-time versus a more traditional once-a-day or once-a-week publication…

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