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You’re Wrong Stephen Fry and the Marvellous Twerking Fascists

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I wish it were true Stephen, truly I do.  So many of my wonderful left liberal friends say the same as you do, Mr Fry.  I have often thought one of the faults of the members of the well-meaning, well-heeled chattering classes is their inability to imagine what it is to be an ordinary mortal.  It seems, Stephen, that you make the same fundamental error as many have before and, no doubt, will make again.  You are quoted often, Stephen, but here is the particular “nugget” to which I refer.

Stephen Fry“’For years mankind has been told what to think and what to believe by shamans, priests and ideologues. There is an alternative: free thought, trusting our ability to find out, investigate, question, and test according to repeatable, reliable evidence.”

Well here’s the thing: I grew up in the 1960s and 70s, a time that was socially unrecognisable from the first…

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