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Canada versus America in Psicobloc Climbing

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Sean McColl, the Canadian, wins Psicocomp in Utah. Head-to-head with Daniel Woods of the United States in the finals, Sean beats Daniel Woods by a body-length.

“The event’s amazing. It’s so different from World Cup. You see people falling. I will be back next year,” Says McColl.

The men’s competition was like a race as very few climbers fell from the wall. Next year, organisers will have to step up the difficulty level of the event.

The women’s race was won by Claire Buhrfeind. You can see the coverage in this post.


McColl and Daniel Woods on the podium. McColl gets the biggest win of his career.

WomenClaire Buhrfeind smiling with her trophy at the Psibloc Competition.

At the closing of the event, Chris Sharma says “We had such a great group of competitors both male and female. This has been my dream for the last ten years. It’s really special to be here.”

Make sure to watch this sick event next year.


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