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Osaka Day 1: Namba, Intro to combini food, and the weird and wonderful world of food shopping at Takashimaya .

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Beautiful pictures.


This was the first time I planned a trip by myself and although I spent a few days at home and at a nearby cafe with my iPad and a Kansai region guide book, I ended up planning things on a day-to-day basis (i.e. each day I would sit down and plan where to go, how to get there for the next day).
I really don’t like being anal about traveling. I really prefer choosing an overall area to look around and walk about and explore rather than picking restaurants and sights to see beforehand.

I planned a laid-back itinerary for the first day. Main plans are successfully getting to our rented apartment (via Air Bnb), having a light snack, and then heading to Namba to look around.
We Arrived at Kansai International Airport at approximately 1pm, and because I purchased Kansai Thru Passes before I left for Japan, we immediately got on…

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