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Samcheong-dong !

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farraz theda

“Eat well, travel often”

(…) after getting my lunch in Tongin Market, I decided to re-visit Samcheong-dong (Bukchon Hanok Village) since I failed to find the ‘hanok-village’ before. Samcheong-dong is actually located just at the back of Gyeongbokgung palace, and it’s mean only walking distance from the Market (around 30 minutes). There’s no other way to reach Samcheongdong area besides walking though. I definitely getting burnt.

I took a different way (from my first attempt) and it was bit creepy since there were a lot of polices. I do usually see polices around Gyeongbokgung though, since it’s the centre of government place, also offices of important embassy such as States, Japan, China. There’s also international-level office like Microsoft, Fujitsu lied around Gyeongbokgung area. What i found interesting was, it’s just like the one in the drama that I’ve ever seen (Three Days), rather than wearing an uniform, some of…

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