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I’ll take soy over salmonella

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Don't Weight For Change

Another successful Meatless Monday in my casa has come and gone. My mom really engineered this one. The last time she was at Trader Joe’s the store was sampling a vegetarian faux chorizo mixed with salsa as a meatless taco filling, and she thought it was excellent, so she bought some. So we had taco night! She whipped up a modification of the Trader Joe’s recipe, and I made Mark Bittman’s recipe for Chunky Corn Guacamole. I’ve gotta say, I was so proud of m yself for making guacamole, because it’s one of my absolute favorite things in the world, and it was quite tasty. I guess guacamole isn’t really very complicated, but it’s sure a crowd pleaser. I made another Mark recipe to have as a supplement to the meal/possible taco filling: Brazilian Baked Black Beans. As written, this recipe turned out way too soupy. It was a nice addition…

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