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Behind the White Coat


“She killed three out of her four children by gouging their eyes out and then stabbing them in the chest.”

I stood watching her from across the room, my mind trying to wrap itself around this new fact. She had seemed so normal, pleasant. I had enjoyed talking to her every day.

“Why?” I asked.

“Why?” My attending stared back at me, puzzled.

“Why did she do it?”

He shrugged. “She said their eyes had glowed red so they were possed by Satan. She had to rid the world of them.”

My heart stopped. I wondered silently if it had been the red reflex that had been the basis for her observation; the thing that makes eyes glow red in photographs taken with a flash, the thing I am looking for when I shine a light into an infant’s eyes, the thing that tells me that they do not have…

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