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The Attitude of Wealth

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Money is a relative. It is subjective.


The images we have when it comes to wealthy people are usually negative, thanks to reality television and movies. Most real life wealthy people think their life style is, “normal”. The overseas’ vacations, the cleaning lady, being able to go to the store and getting whatever they need. It’s those who are poor that notice the difference. They notice the full refrigerator, new furniture, the name brand clothes, and find it strange when no one mentions money when it comes to dreaming for the future. For the wealthy, money is a given, there will always be more money coming.
When I was in Australia, without knowing I gave this illusion I was wealthy. Maybe it was because I was able to afford moving there. Most didn’t know it was God who had blessed me with a college grant and made everything worked out like only a God miracle could. I…

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