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Preschool Science: Water absorption experiment

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A few months ago, I bought a living social deal for 3 months of green kids crafts. As we got the boxes I put them up for days like today. Days where I’m not doing our actual school curriculum, but still want to do something fun and educational. I let Reanna choose the box and today she chose the water absorption experiment. This was great for her because she had to listen and follow my instructions exactly, and then wait patiently to see the results. 

Supplies Needed:

3 clear plastic cups, 2 paper towels, a stirring stick, and food coloring or color tabs (blue and yellow)


She filled 2 cups 3/4 full


Add coloring and mix


Roll up the paper towels lengthwise, fold and put one end in the blue and one end in the empty, and do the same with the yellow. We did it wrong at first :)



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