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Science is the ability to distinguish knowing from believing (a test neither cladistics nor particle physics passes)

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Menvall's Blog: Phylogenetics - change on different levels

When we discuss reality in general terms, we use classes. But classes is a tricky business, just like objects in specific terms is. However, while objects are tricky by being infinitely divisible, classes are on the contrary tricky by being infinitely contradictory, ie, paradoxically contradictory. The reason for both phenomena is the same, but the opposite to an infinite divisibility is an infinite contradiction.

This fact means that there is no way to make a single sense of reality, because we can’t make it in neither general nor specific sense, nor in the middle between them. Instead, our only possibility to make sense of reality is to accept that there are several just as sensible ways to describe reality. We have to accept that there are several different but equally true truths. The question is not which description of reality that is true, but which descriptions that…

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