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The Final Long Brick…

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Road To Madison

Thursday, August 12, 2014.

Final Peak Training Week…aka “Hell Week”

The last 4 weeks have been hard. Since Muncie 70.3, I have piled on 4 weeks of training each being 22-23 hours long. This week, I was going up one last notch. I would likely peak in the 25-26 hour range, most of that extra time added to my 2 biggest workouts of the week…the long run, and the dreaded brick.

This was brick day.

Over the past few weeks, I have started riding the full ironman distance (112 miles) on my long ride. These are always followed by a short run (usually a 5k, last week was a 10k). These rides are always long and slow. The goal is to cover the distance. The speed is secondary.

I ride in Elm Creek Park Reserve. The long paved bike trail is about 15 miles. A regional trail connects it to…

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