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Coca-Cola Deepening its Ties in Triathlon

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I drink tons of coke! Tried to quit twice ( I once lasted about a year without having coke).

Craig Moscetti

The practice is standard for many long-course triathletes. Drink Coca-Cola during the run. I admit, in the heat of competition, I’ve relied on it too.

Pass through any aid station on the run course of a half-Ironman or full Ironman distance triathlon, and Coke will be one of the beverage offerings. It’s also common at many ultra-marathons.174933_web_Ironman_0335

Take two-time IRONMAN World Champion Chris McCormack who once said in an interview, “the best sports drink in the world is Coca-Cola!” For three-time World Champion, Craig Alexander, it’s the same.

Now, Coca-Cola is deepening its position in triathlon. It’s products wont just appear at aid stations, but a new Coca-Cola-sponsored professional triathlon team, “Team Bravo,” will race with its logo on their kits. The team includes some top pros, and four “up-and-coming” pros from Brazil, including the likes of Tim Don, Rachel Joyce, and Paul Matthews. Craig Alexander’s also affiliated…

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