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Sunday Column: Small town summer…

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Summer is in full swing up here in North Dakota. School’s out. Wedding’s have begun. Garden’s are in and a full line up of summer fairs and festivals are marked down on the calendar.

Last weekend during a little tour across the state promoting my album, I got the privilege of being a guest of honor at a small town in the middle of the state. I was hired to do a concert with the band there during their Dairy and Ag days celebration,

and in addition, I was asked to be the Grand Marshall of the parade…

I took my job very seriously…

AND to help judge the Little Miss Farmer/Rancher contest.

This was right up my ally, such and honor and pretty much the most adorable thing ever.

So of course I had some things to say about it. I could have written a book on all of…

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Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer introduces the Enemy of Thedas

Eleventh Legion Games Network

“Darkness descends over the world of Thedas. Tales of an Elder One emerge from whisper. The legendary heroes of the Inquisition must stand together when its power and faith fall under attack.”

A new trailer for BioWare’s third Dragon Age game has introduced us to the enemies that we will be up against when we take the role of the Inquisitor this November.

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Photography and Etiquette: Please Don’t Be This Guy

Photofocus (old site)

Just recently, my husband (and pro photographer) Brian Matiash, was in Mount Rainier National Park doing a little bit of shooting with Matt Kloskowski and the KelbyOne crew. He had an unfortunate interaction with a very rude, pompous, and arrogant photographer and wrote about it on his blog. It’s also getting a lot of attention over on Google+ and Facebook, so head on over to see how it all went down.

I have to say, this sort of thing really irks me. Why do some photographers have to be so smug? Granted, with most of the photographers I interact with, whether it’s on social media or in person, people are kind and considerate. But as you may remember, a recent conversation I had on Twitter proves that there is still a lot of “old-school” thinking out there in the photography world.

Sure, we share a lot more than photographers used to. Not only…

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