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Google Glass being used by Kansas City surgeon to help perform facial reconstructive surgeries


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The Ebola virus and the vampire state, by Susan Shepler

Mats Utas

Coming back to Sierra Leone at the end of June and traveling on to Liberia in July, I’ve seen a big change.  There have been hundreds of deaths, and people are definitely taking the issue more seriously now.

The virus is primarily spread by contact with the bodily fluids of an infected person, so one of the precautions advised is to not shake hands with people. But I’m finding that very hard in Sierra Leone and Liberia.  We shake hands with everyone we meet.  A driver told me, “I carry all kinds of people in my car.  My children are playing with all kinds of children and then we all sit together at home.  What can I do?”  I was sitting in a crowded public transport vehicle in the Red Light neighborhood, just outside Monrovia the other day, waiting for the vehicle to fill with passengers so we could leave. …

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Day 1 of the 30 day Sugar/Water Challenge

How to quit sugar. Keep up the good work!

The Not Quite Crunchy Mom

I have had a horrible sweet tooth for as long as I can remember. Candy was my weakness as a child, and as I got older ice cream became my Achilles heel. During my freshman year of college, the good stuff was available at every dining hall meal, and I had access to unlimited cold sweetness as a manager at McDonald’s when I was working.

Older adults warned that it would some day catch up to me, and I began battling weight gain in my early to mid twenties. If I was bored, I snacked; a habit I had developed as a child. If I was upset, I snacked; I’m not sure when that one snuck up on me. Years of bad habits have taken their toll on me and I’m now at my heaviest weight ever and terribly out of shape. I feel terrible about the way I look…

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Dear Cancer Part 4

Touching story.


Dear Cancer,

Usually I would start penning a letter to someone significant with “how are you?” or perhaps “hope this finds you well”, but both of these conventional niceties seem wholly inappropriate when writing to you. I don’t particularly want to know how you are doing and I certainly don’t want to encourage your well-being. It has now been three years to the day since we kicked off this unusual relationship of ours and I figured I should mark this latest and unexpected cancerversary by recording some feelings and reflections.

Three years. Who’d have thought it? Three years ago today I was lying on a trolley in an American ER being put through a battery of initial investigations. I was in horrendous pain. My kidneys had given up the ghost. I left my dignity at the automatic doors of the hospital as I underwent the necessary intimate examinations. Scared doesn’t…

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