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Gangnam Style gets 2 billion views on YouTube

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Gangnam Style sets yet another record on YouTube. On Tuesday, August 4, 2014 it finally surpassed 2 billion views. In 2012, Gangnam Style became the first video on YouTube to surpass the 1 billion views mark.

Park Jae-sang, the singer of Gangnam Style is actually very modest in real-life. In an interview with McKinley Post he says, “I am a representative of South Korea to the World. I need to be on my best behavior.”

The Gangstyle video features a popular horse dancing move that has become almost as popular as twerking.

Gangnam Style

Park Jae-sang says that he will be coming out with more hit songs over the next year. However, the success of Gangnam Style put a lot of pressure on the singer. “When you have such a huge unpredictable success, people expect that of you everytime,” says Park. Past attempts to make other hit songs faced mixed results. His song “Gentlemen”, while experiencing many views on YouTube, simply rode on the success of Gangnam Style.

sexy korean yoga

Both videos have received a lot of copycat videos, even, a number of flash mobs getting together to dance.

South Korea had definitely put itself on the world map as a leader in culture and music with the international success of Gangnam Style. K-pop is here to stay.



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