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How Yoga Can Alleviate Anxiety

A lighter feeling life.

yoga_anxietyAnxiety is a problem that we all experience at some point in our lives for one reason or another. Whether it’s your financial stresses causing you concern or you experience a degree of social anxiety in certain situations, it can cause much bigger problems for you to deal with. When anxiety sets in, it can disrupt no end of things – your sleeping pattern, your diet, even the way you communicate with others as you are put on edge.

Overcoming anxiety can be complex and of course varies depending on the reasons for it and the severity of it. There are some fantastic herbal remedies that can help to alleviate the symptoms but, as with most things, prevention is always better than the cure. Yoga can be such an effective weapon against anxiety that it’s surprising that it is not prescribed long before the doctor reaches for the pills.


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It is a mistake to assume that tremendous will power over a long duration will change bad behavior.

You may have all the selfcontrol and determination in the world but if you are going to use will power alone to change to healthier eating habits then you won’t know where to start or put all that will power. You need to do some serious thinking, research, and planning before you can apply any will power to the gradual small steps which you will have to make to start on your road to healthier eating.

It is a mistake to make huge overnight changes instead of gradual steps or changes.

Suddenly overnight buying only organic food and drinks and preparing all the food at home for consumption at work and at home will probably not work because it is too great a shock to your system and you will become very…

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Psychology Behind the Thin Woman

The Fractured Figure

When it appears that increasing numbers of girls and women are being diagnosed as anorexic, and when so many girls and women suffered considerable distress in relation of eating, food and body-image, we need to ask whether any medical or quasi-medical notion of ‘anorexia’ as an individual pathology should retain its powerful hold over our understandings of ‘eating disorders’. For the notion of ‘anorexia’ as individual pathology precludes or at least limits our attempts to understand ‘anorexia’ within it socio-cultural, political and gender specific context. […] By presenting ‘anorexia’ as something located within the pathologized individual, this perspective limits the extent to which we can explore anorexia as a socially, discursively produced problem.

(p. x)

In one of the opening paragraphs (featured above) of  The Thin Woman: Feminism, Post-Structuralism, and the Social Psychology of Anorexia Nervosa, Helen Malson retorts the argument that anorexia is induced solely by its victim, introducing her thesis:…

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New Hope for Autoimmune Diseases

Lunatic Laboratories


Autoimmune diseases are on the rise. Since I have a history of over sharing, my Uncle suffered from a form of lupus. It caused him intense and — in my opinion — unbearable pain although he shouldered it like the incredible man he was and never complained. My sister unfortunately is suffering from a rare disease that has yet to be diagnosed, which in my opinion has autoimmune dysfunction as the root cause. If you or anyone you know suffers in a similar fashion then you know that the treatments for such things are, expensive, moderately effective at best, and are overall inadequate.

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